Christian Darmon     LicAc; MBacC; M.D.Ac

Consultation & Treatment

The first session lasts about 2 hours. Upon request or necessity, this initial session may be split into two separate visits. Following sessions last about 45 minutes. A block of 4 to 8 sessions within 2 months is usually enough to make a sound breakthrough and to stabilise the progress. Regular maintenance treatments are then advised every 4 to 8 weeks.

Member of the British Acupuncture Council, we observe their Code of Practice and Ethics. Only disposable sterile needles are used. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

Booking, Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

Messages are generally answered within two working days. When requesting an appointment, please clearly state what days and times suit you best. Confirm asap if the proposed dates work for you as it is not possible to hold them more than 24 hrs.

Without a 48-hr notice, cancellation is charged at full rate unless it is possible to reschedule the appointment for the same week.

Fees: First session: € 150 - Follow Ups: € 65

Smoking cessation 'package': € 400 (1 long session + 4 x 45' sessions)

Cash, Cards, MobilePay, Payconiq or bank transfer on:

BE 10 735022816004 - KREDBEBB

The clinic was in Brussels until August 2018. It is now permanently relocated Chemin de Chaubrire 38, 1380 Lasne

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Tel + 32 478 1778 91

"To wait for the illness to develop before seeking treatment,

Is to wait to be thirsty before digging the well."

Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine. ca 500 BC


Christian qualified from the School Of Five Element Acupuncture in London under Ms Nora Franglen. He follows the Master Apprentice Program under the guidance of Judy B. Worsley who trained over 30 years with her late husband - Pr J.R. Worsley - who re-formulated the extraordinary style of Classical 5 element acupuncture. Christian has also trained non-insertive needle techniques of the famous Toyohari style - very helpful in treating children and sensitive patients. He also underwent basic training in Master Tung's style as passed by Dr Young Wei-Chieh and studied auriculotheraphy with the best world specialists.

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If interested , please request a quote. Prices vary from 20 to 60% of the retail price depending on book condition, size of the order and shipment cost.

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Finding Effective Acupuncture Points – S. Denmei - 2003

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Books in French:

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