Please note that i do not teach any class for now.


To learn in Belgium, i may recommand three fellow students of my teacher Patrick A. Kelly:

Marc Deforche - Oostrozebeke; school De Zachte Kracht: taichi.be

Patrick Deneckere - Ghent: dewittewolken.be

To study elsewhere in the world, visit www.patrickkellytaiji.com


Some good reading for very keen students: 

'Practical manuals' for advanced beginners:

Relax, Deep Mind, Taiji Basics - Patrick A. Kelly (E-book version available from his website)

Taijiquan Wuwei - a Natural Process - Wee Kee Jin

T'ai Chi Chuan - a simplified method of calisthenics for Health and Self Defence - Cheng Man ch'ing

Mastering Yang Style Taijiquan - Fu Zhongwen

A Study of Taijiquan - Sun Lutang

Further reading for advanced students:

Infinite Dao - Patrick A. Kelly

Taijiquan - True to the Art - Wee Kee Jin

13 Chapters on Tai Chi Ch'uan - Cheng Man-ch'ing

Advanced Tai Chi Form Instructions - Cheng Man-ch'ing

The Essence and Applications of Taijiquan - Yang Chengfu

Yang Family Secret Transmissions - compiled by Douglas Wile

The Art of Taijiquan - Chen Weiming

Q & A on Taijiquan - Chen Weiming

Taiji Sword and others writings - Chen Weiming

Lost T'ai Chi Classics from the Late Ch'ing Dynasty - Douglas Wile

The Essence of T'ai Chi Chu'an - The Literary Tradition - Lo/Inn/Amacker/Foe


"Invest in loss."  Zheng Manqing


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